Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday -Late

Philosophic moment

The differences between religions give texture to the universal truth. They make it appeal to a specific set of people. They don't define it. If they defined it they'd be part of the Universal truth, and thus they'd be in ALL the other religions too.

We build relationships across faith and cultural boundaries by our commonality, which out weighs, or should who was grabbed by the throat an told 'RECITE!' or who was nailed to what for who's redemption. The fact our common humanity CAN overcome the differences that we a told is important give lie to the fact they AREN'T important. If they were or real import, common humanity couldn't overcome the divide. Can humanity triumph over God, or is God in humanity striving to break the differences that WE think are important, yet can put aside with only a twinge of 'I don't think THEY'RE right, but I don't care'?


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