Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stoked Mice Ride The Waves

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Shane Willmot trains mice to surf in his bath tub on Australia's Gold Coast. When he feels their skills are up to grade, it's time to hit the beach and mouse-sized waves. Willmott has made mini surfboards for his charges and is also working on a mouse-sized wave runner. It's been Willmott's mission since childhood to teach mice to do water sports.

Willmott is a tough coach, but he's also making sure his charges have everything from a custom made luxury villas to mini jet skis, so they can relax after tumbling off the surf boards and into the surf.

Over the years Australia has made some of the world's best surfers, and now they're producing the world's first surfing mice. Gold Coast resident Shane Willmott has a dream, to make his rodents ride gnarly waves. You may ask, why? and quite simply Shane admits he has too much time on his hands. "It's something we did as a kid, we had no XBox, no Playstation when we were young, so if I wanted to have fun we had to use our imaginations," he said.Willmott trains the mice vigourously in his bath tub, and when they're good enough takes them out into the surf.

Willmott's a tough coach, but he also makes sure his student's have a comfortable life, with custom made luxury villas and mini jet skis, so they can relax after a hard days surfing. They sometimes even get groovy hairstyles.

"I usually colour his hair up. Because he's white, when he gets in the whitewash it's hard to find him," adds Willmott.

It's hard to tell if the mice actually enjoy surfing, as most of the time the sea is too rough and the water too cold.

Renee Bunney, Reuters


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