Monday, August 01, 2005

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Pilgrims flock to see 'image of Jesus'

July 29 2005 at 04:36PM

Sarajevo - Christians are flocking to a north-western Bosnian town to view an image of Jesus Christ that allegedly appeared in a section of a cut tree branch two days ago, Bosnian media reported on Friday.

The image resembling Jesus' face cannot be seen from a close distance but only from a few metres away.

The branch, in the town of Bijeljina, was cut about a year ago, said the Oslobodjenje daily.

Sceptics have dismissed the image as a freak of nature, but pilgrims have been streaming to the tree, kneeling before it to pray, lighting candles, leaving money and cutting off bark to take home.

The region's Serb Orthodox bishop Vasilije visited the site and said church officials would discuss the phenomenon and advise believers how to behave. He appealed to visitors not to destroy the tree and not to leave money at the site.



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