Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing that evil ever dies - The Return of the Furbie (Video)

Reuters Video

After years in hibernation, the talking toy Furby is back, and he's more international and interactive than ever.

Hasbro Director of Marketing Allen Richardson unveiled the new generation of Furby toys on Tuesday (August 2, 2005) in front of dozens of excited children at One United Nations Plaza.

The new Furby has a more flexible face and body that allow it to express emotion. It can also converse with its owner.

Richardson said, "This new, all evolved, all 'emoto-tronic' Furby has voice recognition. That means he can understand dozens of phrases and interacts directly to you when you speak to him."

Each Furby speaks and understands one of seven languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German, French and Italian. It's an update of the original, which came in fewer languages. That version sold more than 40 million units worldwide after it was introduced in 1998.

The new Furby was a big hit with the multicultural children at his unveiling.

New Furby owner Diana Uribo said, "He jokes, he talks to you, and he dances."

New Furby owner Laura Wolter said, "I like that this Furby speaks German and English."

The children also had a quick lesson in Furby's native language of "Furbish", which all the toys can speak in addition to a second language.


Blogger Q said...

It's interesting to note that the only person I knew who had a furby when they first came out, was a woman who was the same age as me. In fact she had two furbies that interacted with each other and she would sneak them into work as she was concerned they would be 'lonely' stuck in her car during her shift. As an aside, she was also a neice of a notorious serial child killer, had various 'issues' going on in her life and used to affect a fake wheezing that would last for hours for sympathy. Definitely a strange one...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005  

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