Friday, August 05, 2005

Man assaults wife- with an 8lb pike!

Fishticuffs as wife hit with pike

Forgiving wife Elaine Cole has let her hubby off the hook - after he landed up in court for attacking her with an eight-pound pike.

Elaine's husband John faced the scales of justice for resorting to fish-ticuffs because he believed his wife had hidden his two cans of beer.

She accepted her husband of 32 years back home after he spent a night in the cells - where police made sure he was the one who didn't get away.

He said he was gutted by his fish-fuelled fury and has asked his wife to forgive him.

Mrs Cole, aged 49, of Hill Close, Sedgley, is still badly shaken by the attack on Tuesday evening.

The former barmaid said: "I could have been seriously hurt or killed by that fish.

"John just snapped when he woke up and demanded to know where his two cans of beer had gone.

"He flew into a rage and grabbed the pike from the kitchen table and started belting me with it.

"It really hurt because it was a whopping big fish and was solid as a rock.

"My head was really throbbing and I couldn't see straight.

"I managed to get out and phone for an ambulance. Thankfully my injuries weren't too bad but it could have been a lot worse.

"John has got into a temper before but he's never attacked me with a fish. He becomes aggressive when he has a drink. I have forgiven him but insist that he gets help."

The unemployed fork-lift truck driver said: "I hope Elaine can forgive me."



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