Sunday, August 14, 2005

Egyptian Repairs With His Feet - Rough cut without narrative

Reuters Video

Ragab Mohammed Mohammed Abdel Maqsoud was born with no hands, but he hasn't let it stop him from getting on with his life. The 27-year-old Cairo man has made a living by first teaching himself to repair watches, and then computers, with his feet. Inspired by his father, who was a watchmaker, Ragab trained himself to fix watches using his feet at the age of 15. Soon he was proficient at using his feet to fix the intricate instruments. Ragab also taught himself to read and write without attending a school.

After 12 years of fixing watches, Ragab moved into fixing computers. He noticed his friends using computers. So he bought one himself and taught himself to use it, even though he neither speaks nor reads English.

At first he started to take a computer to pieces and put it back together again. Then he started to learn the system of the computer and how to repair any error in the system. Two years on, Ragab is proficient at fixing computers.

"I found that life develops and that my friends started to get computers," he said.

"So I bought a computer even though I don't know English. I pulled it to pieces to learn how to fix it and now I have become professional at fixing and using the computer."

Ragab's ambitions did not stop there. He has just created a motorcycle which he can drive with no hands. He uses his feet to turn the key in the ignition and then uses his feet and legs to drive it down the street.

The motorcycle has no legal licence in Egypt since it is the first motorcycle to be driven by legs but no police have ever asked him for a licence because they are proud that he has created a motorcycle for people like him.

Ragab hopes his invention can be used by other handicapped people.


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