Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Boomer the Pissed Kangaroo - Rough Cut Video

Reuters Video

On a cold winter's day, there is nothing better than sitting by a warm fire -- at least for an young Australian kangaroo.

"Baby Boomer" is an 18-month old kangaroo who was brought up by Kathy Noble.

She runs the Comet Inn in Australia's Blue Mountains and Boomer's favourite place in the bar.

Boomer has developed a taste for beer after knocking over a can at an early age.

"Well, it's not every pub in Australia that has a kangaroo in the bar. He actually decided to do this himself. He just came in, actually what happened is that one of our guests let him in the back door and he caused such a riot. He often comes in by himself now," Kathy Noble said.

Noble found Boomer after his mother was killed by a car.

"Boomer is very special to us. We actually found him in his mother's pouch when he was ten, twelve weeks of age. You really bond with them, because they are on five bottles of marsupial milk per day and they are fed like a baby so you do bond with them very closely to them," Noble said.

Boomer is a hit with visitors, especially those from abroad who have never seen a kangaroo before.

"This is quite a treat for me to come down here and have lunch with a friend. We have Boomer as entertainment. He is an eastern gray and his is really lovable," visitor Margaret Weeks said.

Despite Boomer being part of the family, once he grows too big he will have to go to a zoo as his behaviour becomes more aggressive.

While Boomer enjoyed the warmth of the bar, wild kangaroos endured a cold winters day after snow fell on the Blue Mountains.

Australia's wild kangaroo population is conservatively estimated at more than 57 million.


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